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BVB-UML Student Exchange Program at China, July 2019

A KLE CTIE Event from 1st June to 15th June, 2019 @ China

Elevate - 2018

Government to identify 100 most innovative startups in the state through ELEVATE 2017

PUPA - 2018

The students are expected to develop their skills in converting their idea into product.

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KLE-CTIE is a Technology Business Incubator recognized by the Dept. of Science and Technology (DST). We are a No-Equity and Not-for-profit, start-up friendly incubator. We have more than 40 tech start-ups spread across over 34,000sq.ft of work space. Our USP has been, access to young talent in a well-structured model to enable frugal product development.
KLE-Technological University (erstwhile BVB Engineering College) is a premier Technological Institute in the country. KLE-Tech started asking questions to itself as to how it can contribute to the economy of North Karnataka and reduce the brain drain to Tier I cities. Rather than being a talent feeder to the Metropolitan cities of India and abroad, KLE-Tech wanted to be a talent enabler and provide an ecosystem wherein young and talented minds can ideate, innovate, and commercialize the next big thing in India.
Today, we can proudly say that there have been more than 60 companies that have been incubated in CTIE so far which includes student run startups as well, the startups have generated more than 400 jobs for aspirants and thus contributed to the economy of the region. The holistic vision adopted by CTIE towards providing an ecosystem for startups to thrive is now a benchmark for other educational institutions across the country.
  • No Equity Not for Profit Incubator
  • Enable Engineering students to develop Entrepreneurial Aspirations
  • Provide holistic eco-system for Startups to excel.
  • A Win-Win for Institution & Startups through SIE
We provide worldclass incubation facilities for entrepreneurs and startups!!
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