What is Make in India, if there is no making in there! And how anyone can 'make' something, if they never done it before? This is precisely why we need to have our engineers, students 'make' something, 'build' something, that too having some monetary value. If one knows how to 'make-to-sell' it is a life lesson.

PUPA is an accelerated entrepreneurial experience an initiative of BVB Hubli. Under this the students are expected to develop their skills in converting their idea into product which is sellable in the market. Students would be given seed funding to develop and manufacture their product. Products thus developed over 4 weeks of time, are demonstrated and sold during the annual PUPA event.

The event is open for all engineering and management students of BVB and also for students of other institutions. The main idea behind the PUPA event is to encourage the students to understand the product development cycle and marketing activities which is significant in building the  start-up culture.

What started in PUPA 2013 as a pilot with 20 teams showing off their products like - Bean bags, solar cell phone chargers, Fruit pluckers, Backpack covers, Windshield screens..., fast forward to PUPA 2015, saw more than 200 products from over 750 students from across the region. Many students have 'made' the products even beyond the PUPA event as they had a demand for more of their products. A 10X growth in 3 years shows the real potential of our youth!

The products exhibited by students included both Technical and Non-Technical products. Thus students got practical knowledge about the product development, marketing activities and optimizing available resources and work towards driving results.


Student Feedback on PUPA:

  • PUPA – According to students

    • 1. A Platform for their innovations to bloom
    • 2. Learning, Fun and Profit
    • 3. An Idea Club for aspiring entrepreneurs
    • 4. Exploring hidden talents of young minds

    Factors that attracted students to PUPA

    • 1. Make in BVB Concept leading to Make-in-India.
    • 2. Seed Capital and Mentorship
    • 3. Success stories of past PUPA participants
    • 4. Effective Orientation Program

    What did students learnt from PUPA?

      • 1. Team work
      • 2. Marketing Skills
      • 3. Problems involved in Manufacturing a product
      • 4. Pricing strategies
      • 5. Self Confidence in turning ideas into tangible products

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When is next PUPA?

1st - October - 2016 @ BVBCET Campus

Images of PUPA from Beginning

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