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Minor Program in Entrepreneurship

Minor Program in Entrepreneurship gives an addition skill to engineering students, to craft their startup and aim at building it in systematic manner over its five courses. The program starts from second year of engineering to the pre – final year. The final year is still available to the students to grow their business and validate themselves, if its worth pursuing it.

The course is specifically designed and vetted out by subject matter experts and taught by pioneers in each field. It focuses more on identifying and getting clarity of the problem first than talking about the solution. It covers areas like Creativity, Design thinking, Jobs to be Done, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Innovation tools and Methods, Lean Startup & Product Design, Fundamentals of Business, Venture Investment, Intellectual Property and all this finally leading to New Venture Formation. The basic expectation is to motivate students to start their won venture while still pursuing engineering and start looking at brighter side of business growth.


Student Impact