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KLE - CTIE is pioneer in the region to support entrepreneurs establish successful businesses. Its incubation program is startup – friendly with minimal overhead on startup. At the same time, benefits provided are immense. The local ecosystem and being part of University, helps startup evolve business that fits the era.

Once the startups are concrete on their business model and solution that want to built, they are incubated at the centre. Through the support of mentors both business and technical and leveraging on the university ecosystem, they rigorously start working.

Be it students for Internship or full-time employment, faculty support for building technology, laboratory support for testing products, library facility to access journals/papers/subscriptions, MakerSpace Lab, Electronics Enabling Lab (EEL) – with RF testing equipment and Anechoic Chamber, all put together the ecosystem of the incubator being housed in a Technological University campus, assist startup in achieving the desired result.

Depending on the domain, the startup is from, they take different timelines to build solutions. ITES startup, would build platform faster, and spend more time on field test. A BioTech startup would take longer time to build the solution and get these solutions out in the market.

Typically we support Incubation, for a period of three years, where we feel, most of the product/solution is built, it is deployed for use by few set of customers, the startup has worked out plan of financials and seeked required support by applying for various grants, competitions and Seed/Angel Funds. Post which they can shift to the location of their own and start working independently of the incubator.

During the Incubation phase, the startup is mentored on Technology/Business weekly/as per their need to get mentored. There are mentors who visit from different location, to churn startup ideas. The review committee reviews startup growth path and support needed once a month.

As an incubator, we reach out to several mentors, funding agencies, corporate, alumni for their interest to support the incubation program. There are discussions held to also improvise existing ecosystem and enhance it with other players who are doing similar task, to seek overall synergy. We work very closely with IIT Mumbai Incubation Centre – SIAN, Meity, DST for their support and guidance.